Sunday, November 2, 2008

Colleen and Alex at the Providence Biltmore 10.31.08

I don't remember ever having more pleasant weather on any Halloween! Usually we are all bundled up with coats over costumes... my kids HATE that! Not Friday though... Colleen said to her bridesmaids the day before, "I'd really love it if it was like 62 degrees, that would be perfect!" She got in the car after having her hair done and looked at the temperature reading... 62! I think I'll ask Colleen to wish me finding a big bag of money! A day like this couldn't happen to a sweeter girl. Colleen is known by her friends and family as someone who always is smiling and laughing. She is someone who never gets stressed... so even if we had a Halloween blizzard, she probably wouldn't have been phased.
Gorgeous bouquet by Jay at Golden Gate.

Colleen said "oooh cute!" when I was lining these up. We are on the same wavelength!

Colleen taking a look... she looks gorgeous! I love the little lace jacket she had made for the dress!

She didn't even mind when I got really close for this picture. She is really good at subtle posing...but I like this super natural photo of her too. She is sparkly from the inside out.

Here's my back up team...


A little portrait of Colleen in the hotel suite.

Group hug before we leave for the church...

Alex is REALLY excited about this car. He had a tux-catastrophe before the wedding... and was running really late. The limo driver managed to get him here right in time though. Must be the flames!

Super handsome portrait of the groom, Alex.

... and let's not forget the two best men, Alex's brothers.

These programs were so fabulous. Alex did the cover design, he's very artistic.

Melissa took this terrific photo moments before the girls walked down the aisle, I love it!

... Melissa took this one too. Beautiful!

Colleens' mom giving her away. Such a sweet moment, with the three of them holding hands. The ceremony is at the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul in Providence. It's very grand, and very well lit! I love it.

The I do's.


Colleen said was most excited about seeing Alex as she walked down the aisle. I'm not sure, but she looks pretty excited to be Mrs. Alger too. Fun fact about Collen and Alex, they met at summer camp when they were little kids! They found each other again years later in college. Talk about paths crossing and meant to be! Alex's mom has a photo of them sitting at a picnic table together at camp!

The thing that is the most tricky about fall weddings is the lack of natural light. I love fall weddings for the colors and the weather etc... but if you don't plan it right, you end up doing all the photos in the dark! We managed to eek out the last bit of beautiful blue light for these next portraits of Collen and Alex... which took about 3 minutes! Luckily we work fast and they are good posers!
Melissa said something funny to Colleen and made he laugh, I love her expression here.

Melissa took this gorgeous photo. I love the leaves in the background. The colors are great!

Everyone back on the trolley... the reception is waiting!

This is Colleen's grandma, she's 97! Colleen says she doesn't divulge her age! I'd be telling everyone if I looked this beautiful at 97!

Colleen and her entourage...

... and Alex with his.

I was really excited when I took this, Colleen looks so glamorous. Alex thinks so too.
The whole gang on the famous staircase.
The roof deck of the Biltmore. I would have liked to stay here for a while... it was still warm out. Alex was enjoying his snuggle from Colleen too.

Melissa took this sparkly photo of Alex and Colleen.

Collen and Alex had a Las Vegas theme... every table was named after a Vegas hotel. They are also going there for their honeymoon. Photo by Melissa.

I love this photo... can't have enough sparkle.

A little touch of Halloween, a present from Alex's brothers.

Fun cake by Jennifer Luxmore of Sin Desserts in Providence.

A little more Halloween fun...

Dice, of course. Place cards by Design by Sophia.

Great photo of the room all set up by Melissa.
Alex and Colleen waiting to be announced. Photo by Melissa.


First Dance, photo by Melissa.

I love the dramatic cherries jubilee tradition at the Biltmore. Melissa took this photo, it's a little spooky- but after all, it is Halloween.
Dessert time! Photo by Melissa.

I think Alex likes the cake. Photo by Melissa.

A last picture for the evening. Very Romantic! Photo by Melissa.

A & C- Thak you for being so wonderful! You were so sweet to us, and such a pleasure to spend the day with. Can't wait to hear all about Vegas- Baby! or does what happens in Vegas stay in Vegas?!!!
Oh, and I wanted to say Hello to all of Colleen's work friends. She told me they LOVE the blog and will be stalking it first theing Monday morning. Hi guys!
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