Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wendy and Mike - October 20, 2007

Photographed by Trish and Melissa
Trinity Church and New York Yacht Club
It was a georgeous day in newport! After several days of rain the week before it was not looing good, but the skies cleared and it was a go! Wendy had a very cool two piece dress and everyone was floored when they saw her, it was perfect. She and the bridemaids were all very emotional before the ceremony, it was so sweet how they kept weeping into theirchampagne glasses. The ceremony was beautiful and we quite enjoyed lurking in the balcony getting some great shots of it all. This shot of the wedding party is one of my favorites, it's so hard to get that many people to stand together and look interesting, I need to have a giant rock formation with me at all times I think.
So the tent was perched on the edge of what is one of the steepest hills around, and although it was obviously more than adequately secure, I was in a panic over the possability of us all sliding down the hill during the dancing. Turns out that it was indeed secure, as this group were total danicng maniacs! I felt bad when the wedding ended. Everyone, especially Wendy and Mike were having the best time ever and the dance moves were awesome. Just when I thought I had seen it all, they started doing an imaginary double dutch thing where the people jump in and out, it was great!
So best wishes to the Ryans and the Hinmans, thanks for having us as part of the wedding, it was a pleasure!

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