Friday, November 2, 2007

Album Extravaganza!

We love making albums! It's like Christmas every day atound here when Kevin our very enthusiastic UPS driver delivers our albums from the manufacturer. (stay tuned for a photo of Kevin if he slows down long enough for us to take his picture). We have had an amazing season filled with gorgeous photos. It is such a pleasure to see all of those photos, realized to their full potential- in a kick ass wedding album! We have a vision for the album as we photograph the wedding, and when the album is finally complete it really is a work of art. Thanks to everyone that has ordered their wedding albums- and for those who haven't....
what are you waiting for?!
These are some of my fav's from: Alyson and Anthony's book- love the yellow cover,
Liz and Matt- so glad you kept that photo in of you sitting on the table, so cute-
and Melanie and Dr. Bob- my fav photo of you on the wall!

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