Thursday, October 4, 2007

Tim and Tina 9/28/07

Photographed by Mariah and Trish at Glen Manor House
It was almost to warm to be a Fall wedding, but we all seemd to manage through! What luck to have such a beautiful day for your wedding. Tina and Tim are a really nice couple, and now they are one big family! How lucky to have so many good looking and sweet kids. Oh and two super cute dogs too, who I believe were very offended to not be invited to the wedding.
I know that one of the highlights of the day for Tina was riding to her reception in the horse and carriage. Whenever I have seen it done in the past, there is always some reason why it doesn't quite work out, but this day it was perfect, and it looked so good for the photos! It's nice when things all come together like that, the rest of the night seemed to do the same. Best of luck to the new couple and family, enjoy Aruba!!!

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