Friday, October 19, 2007

Asma's Mehndi Party October 14th 2007

Photographed by: Trish and Mariah

We had never photographed a Mehndi before- and didn't really know what to expect. We got to retire our usual black outfits, for something a little more colorful though! That was refreshing! Asma told us we'd blend in better in bright colors, so we added a little red and orange to our "photograhers" look. Asma had given us an itinerary, which seemed pretty involved.... but once we got there the vibe of the evening was laid back, relaxed, cheerful, joyful and fun! Asma looked amazing in her orange and yellow dress- I couldn't wait to see Steve's reaction to her. He had never seen her in traditional Pakistani clothes. The women all looked amazing, and entertained everyone with their beautiful festive singing and dancing. Iwas especially impressed by Asma's sister Sara and her 2 brothers who did a great job with their dancing. Well done! Watching them practice was hilarious. Steve's good friend, Dr. Steve also dazzled us with his dancing. It was so nice to see Steve's family blending so easily with Asma's. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. I know we did.
Lastly- I love the last photo in the series that trish took of the dancing- that's how it felt!

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