Saturday, July 24, 2010

Katie and Dom at Rosecliff Mansion, Part 2 / Newport, RI Wedding Photographer

Posted by Trish: Photos by Mariah and Trish

Carnival time!!!! Their ceremony was at St. Mary's in Bristol and it just so happened that the carnival was going on a cross the street at the town common, thank you! This boy waiting for fried dough must have wondered what the heck was going on.

Then the girls hit the bear ride, a carnival must! Funny thing, I saw these whizzing down route 195 on the back of a truck a week later.

So I said to Katie and Dom, how much would it take to get you on that slide? Not that I even had an cash on me, but luckily she said, "we'll do that", without hesitation, awesome!!!

Luckily Mariah had a few bucks on her, so we did some games...

And of course Dom won his lady a fabulous stuffed moose!

Then we headed over to where all of the big action was...

Ooooh, Ferris wheel!

I love the couple sitting in the chairs behind them.

What is it about the Ferris wheel, it's actually romantic. When you are on it and standing in front of it.

As you can see I can't get enough of it!

These two were definitely the hit of the hour as they strolled through the carnival in their stunning wedding garb.

We didn't actually go on the bumper cars, but I think that was best, we don't need whip lash before the ceremony!

Good times.

Oooh, winning that mint Care Bear would have been awesome!

Of course Dom was a winner at every game...but then again, he was marrying Katie, so we knew that he was a winner already!

Another awesome posing moment from this fab wedding party. French fries is always a perfect backdrop for any photo! Oh and cold drinks too, duh.

If you can look hot in front of this sign then you can look hot anywhere!

Now looking gorgeous in front of onion rings, that's a level of skill and beauty that I can't even comprehend. If I stood in front of onion rings it would be a whole different ball of wax. Katie was so fun and up for anything, it made for a great shoot!

Now onto the church...Here is the ring bearer receiving his pillow which as you can see he was totally stoked about.

And here you can see that he is very excited for me to take his photo. I believe that his sister was hiding from me too, but she had a different technique. So cute!

Katie and her Dad waiting at the back of the church...

Wow, so beautiful! See what I mean about the hair, still looking good!

Making it official. St. Mary's is so dramatic!

They read really sweet vows to each other. I love Dom's little piece of paper, adorable!

Such a sweet moment at the door of the church...

I'm pretty sure that the vibe at this moment was WOO HOO!

The Gang:
Coordinator: Lucia Cordone of Guiding Star Events
Flowers: Sayles Livingston
Hair and Make-Up: New Leaf Hair Studio, Bristol
Gown: Romona Keveza
Bridesmaids: JCrew
Caterer: Blackstone
Venue: Rosecliff Mansion
Videographer: Mike Picard Videography
Band: District 21

See you on Monday for the reception!

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  1. love your photos! love your blog! love this wedding! seriously, super slide, does it get any better? : )