Monday, July 12, 2010

Jen + John's Photodate in Hoboken, NJ

Posted by Mariah:

If we were playing that game, Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?... only Carmen Sandiego was me and you guessed Hoboken NJ... you'd be right!
Why am I in Hoboken? Well- because Jen and John live there and they are as cute as a button. Who could say no to these three faces? (Especially the furry one).

I've never been to Hoboken, although we have quite a few clients living there... Hey, there's NYC across the river.

Jen and John met in Hoboken while Jen was going to school there. Turns out Hoboken is very cute and neighborhood-y (it's only one square mile!) We walked all around taking photos.

Meet Tango- she's from Puerto Rico. J + J adopted her from a surf shop/ animal shelter on the beach. They had her flown into Newark airport. I think she looks like me in the 80's with two big teased pony tails. She's very hair band- in her case we'll say fur band.

She's insanely cute- and well behaved. She walked all around with us off leash like a nice young lady. Not like her mom Jen who was reprimanded by campus police for climbing a tree (we didn't even get a photo before we were busted).

John is a studying for the bar. If he doesn't pass (which of course he will) I would suggest stand up comedy as a second career choice- he's very funny!

Plus, he's cute.

Jen went to school for engineering. She's brains + beauty- the total package. Oh, and she also has the best freckles.

John was amused by the "gazing at the water photos."
Feels cheesy- but who's looking like a male model now huh?
Told you so!

Snuggling on the pier.

J + J were not convinced I could get a good shot of Tango, she's usually not very photogenic. I disagree- she almost steals the show!

Thanks for showing me around Hoboken- it was so fun to see you guys on your home turf. Plus, meeting Tango was worth the trip alone. See you guys in August for the big day!

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