Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jillian + Kevin at Rosecliff Mansion, Part Two / Newport Wedding Photographer

Posted by Mariah:

After the nuptuials we headed to Rosecliff for the reception... but first a few photos before the guests arrive. Such an amazing property, can you imagine actually living here? And this was strictly a summer home for the original owner, a silver heiress!!!

Becca was busy photographing the men while I tried to round up the girls for formals.

The whole gang!

Trying something new... it's fun to find new angles and try out new ideas when you've been to a venue many times. I was pretty pleased with myself for this one.


Lovin the lavender.

Another new angle...

A classic per Kevin's request.

Fun little moment.

These guys were so fun and cooperative, J + K have terrific friends!

Probably because they are so nice.

The intros!

Love this one.

Making the bride cry (happy tears)... Check. A toast well done.

A funky shot from Becca- fun!

My view...

Jillian and the girls from work...

Broken glass? Wet floor? This guy is totally unstopable... and clueless.

Enjoying the evening...

The end!
Jillian and Kevin- you are two of the sweetest people and I can see why your friends and fam love you so much. Thank you for including me in such a feel-good day, it's inspiring to be around the love!
xoxoxo Mariah


  1. These pictures are incredible. You are gifted photographers. Thank you for letting me relive this night over and over certainly captured the spirit and magic of the evening and the intense love that kevin and jilly, patty (kevin's mom)

  2. you really did capture this fairytale!! i absolutely love all the photos, one of my favorites is the shot of the fountain and the mansion lit up as the night fell. I will never forget this night and cannot wait to see the rest of your photos. thanks!
    Paige (one of the bridesmaids : )