Friday, July 23, 2010

Katie and Dom at Rosecliff Mansion, Part 1 / Newport, RI Wedding Photographer

Posted by Trish: Photos by Mariah and Trish

Drum roll please.........Ta da! Finally Katie and Dom are posting on the blog, I know that there are many people who have been patiently waiting for this!

Amazing bouquets by Sayles Livingston...

Katie got ready at the Viking Hotel...

The bridesmaids bouquets, I love that huge flower, so different.

She was stunning, as expected. Hair by Courtney from New Leaf Hair Studio...

An angelic vision, can't you hear the harps?

And she has a great personality too!

Meanwhile downstairs in the man area, Dom is getting ready too...

He's looking pretty relaxed, and super handsome!

A bit of formal business to tend to before the wedding.

Then the big moment when they see each other for the first time! Dom was pretty blown away by Katie's dress. Who wouldn't be?

I love they way they are looking at each other here. They have been together for a long time so I think they are pretty excited to finally be making it official!

This awesome 'do' by Courtney held up all day!

Greetings from Newport!

2010 or 1980? I'm sure Katie was not around then, but I was and I'm pretty sure I had a pair of these glasses too!

No one can accuse this group of being boring! They were having the best time all day.

I love the contrast of Katie being so sweet and feminine and Dom being all rough and manly! But he's a sweetheart!

All of a sudden it was kind of looking like the California coast! Kind of.

Apparently this is Katie's move, her girlfriends have a collection of photos of her doing this sign person pose in all kinds of locations. Nice.

The coral and gray were a stunning color combo!

I was a bit nervous for these girls venturing out on the rocks here, but it made for a nice image, and that's what summer is all about, venturing out.

Mariah got this sweet shot through the fence...

We scoped out this spot on the way down to Newport in the morning and came back for formals. If was so perfect, shady and breezy, but breezy in the right direction. It makes a difference!

How gorgeous is this?!

Our super fun wedding party working the formals.

The girls brought a soccer ball for Katie to pose with as she was a super star player in college! (Harvard thank you very much!)

Actually Dom went there too, that's where they met! He was (and still is) a super star hockey player. So they will have very fit babies no doubt.

We could have stayed here shooting all day...but we had to move on. Check back tomorrow to see where we went next!

The Gang:
Coordinator: Lucia Cordone of Guiding Star Events
Flowers: Sayles Livingston
Hair and Make-Up: New Leaf Hair Studio, Bristol
Gown: Romona Keveza
Bridesmaids: JCrew
Caterer: Blackstone
Venue: Rosecliff Mansion
Videographer: Mike Picard Videography
Band: District 21


  1. ooh, I love the beach shots (the color processing on them give them a subtle vintage postcard vibe.)

  2. Such beautiful photos, you couldn't have scripted the scene better if you tried. Eleven+ years after our own wedding (photographed by Mariah) I still love your work, and am so moved by these photos. May all the wonderful couples who have the pleasure of working with you find only health and happiness, and may your beautiful pictures always be able to take them to the happiest day of their lives, the way our photographs do for us!