Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The snap cam visits Lauren and Jeff for our latest snap-cam edition we have the lovely Lauren and Jeff coming at you all the way from Boston, yay! They are getting married in May, it won't be long now. Their wedding is going to be at the Seaport Hotel in Boston which I am really looking forward to! I (Trish) met them last summer at Melissa and Steve's wedding, Lauren was a bridesmaid! So soon it will be her turn...

Their apartment is upstairs from this fab restaurant. I think that all those aromas would be hard to deal with, I would always be hungry!

What a gorgeous winter scene. It's so Boston!

Lauren's favorite statue in the Boston Public Gardens, right near their house.

Coming in for a close up, excellent camera work!

The snow falling is so great, it's just so, so wintery!

Oooh Jeff, love the composition in this one!!!

As much as I like to complain about the winter, it is pretty magical...

Thanks guys, can't wait to see you in the Spring, minus the wool hats!

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  1. Are the flowers done by Northface as well?