Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Snap Cam visits Charlene, Ryan and Bailey

Charlene and Ryan are planning a fabulous wedding this summer at Indian Pond Country Club. Charlene is a DIY-er bride! I really admire that. How do you find time to plan a wedding and make all these fabulous little details yourself? I think the hard work pays off in the end. It adds that personal touch. Here are some photos of Charlene's DIY projects...

Beautiful Invitations!

How cute is this Save The Date? Ryan did them himself! He is a graphic designer. He merged a photo of him as a child with one of Charlene and Voila! Who is that little puppy behind Ryan you say? I thought you'd never ask!

This is Mr. Bailey AKA "Cling On". Why? Because he goes everywhere with Charlene and Ryan! Here's a series of the cute little pup hanging in the car during a day of errands!

First stop... Pet Smart, of course! Only the best for this little puppy!

Then it's off to the vet! Are you getting the feeling it's all about Bailey? He looks a little nervous in this picture.

Now it's off to RI Rentals to choose the linens for the wedding. The colors and linen quality must have Bailey's stamp of approval.

The next day it was off to the dog park for a two hour walk!

Here's Charlene! She looks INCREDIBLE! She lost 15 pounds since I last saw her! Congrats, Char! That is no easy feat. Must be all this walking that you are doing.

After that it's off to Barnes and Noble for some Starbucks! Charlene is getting some new ideas from the wedding magazines while...

Ryan reads up on manly things like computers and cars.

Let me tell you I'm exhausted just looking at all the stuff these two did in their 24 hours. Somehow after all this Ryan still had enough energy to change the oil in both of their cars! What! Charlene wrote "He is so great! No wonder why I love him!"

Thanks for letting us take a peak into your busy lives and introducing us to the cutest dog ever! Can't wait to see all your finished projects on the wedding day!

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