Friday, March 13, 2009

snap and chat with Sofia of Design by Sofia

I keep hearing about Sofia... and seeing her beautiful designs everywhere... but she remained a mystery to us until we secured her for a snap and chat! We met at Starbucks, mainly because Sofia's office is covered in invitations in some stage of completion. Good idea considering someone who's name begins with (Tr) and ends in (ish) has been known on occasion to be a little less the coordinated. Better that we spill or tea at Starbucks than spill it on Sofia's production table!!!
Luckily, Sofia brought along some of her beautiful designs for us to photograph.

Each one of Sofia's designs is a custom Sofia original. They are also each hand assembled by her.

Here she is! The mystery girl! I didn't know anything about Sofia so it was fun to find out all about her passion for designing and beautiful papers and fonts.

Turns out that Sofia has a degree in business and finance and was working for an engineer while designing invitations for her friends and family in her spare time. She was a creative person busting to get out of a Type A occupation! Sofia started to get so busy with her side business that she was pulling all nighters to finish the orders that were pouring in. What's a girl to do? Why, quit her job of course! Sofia took a leap of faith and this will be her first full year in business for herself and so far so good!

I think it's a pretty cool combination to be a person who is precise and careful enough to cut and assemble all these invitations so that they are PERFECT, but also to be creative and free enough to design all of these pieces that are so ARTISTIC.

Sofia says that her brides are all women who have good taste and sense of style(here, here!) and understand how important it is to make a good first impression.

"The invitation says a lot about the event, you need to have your colors and theme nailed down first before choosing the invitation. I can design something in as little as 4 months... but ideally it's good to have six." says Sofia.

In addition to the invitation... how about a save the date, menu card, or table tent....

Sofia is working with planners in Houston, Maryland, and Florida in addition to Southern New England. She's gone national! Not bad for her first year in business!

What does she do when she's not busy whittling invitations? Hanging out with her two babies... Roxy and Titan. Maybe they can lick envelopes for her if she gets too tired!

Sofia, thanks so much for letting Trish and I get to know you! Although we don't get to see you out at the weddings, it will be fun to see your gorgeous work everywhere. I feel like now when I see it, I can say... "Oooh, that looks like a Sofia!"

check out Sofia's website:

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