Monday, February 2, 2009

Stella and Shane's Photodate with Melissa in Milford, CT 2.1.09

When I first met with Shane and Stella we talked about doing a "winter wonderland" photodate. I thought it was a great idea. There was one little problem... You can't schedule snow! I told them that I would just have to be on call for photo duty. We tried to get it done a few times, but things beyond our control were stopping us. Finally we were able to schedule a time that worked for all four of us - Stella, Shane, me and the snow!

Here they are on the green in Milford. This is actually right across the street from their house. For you RI-ers it's sort of like Blackstone Blvd.

Stella is a cutie pie! Shane, too! On our way over to the green he stopped to help all the little old ladies walk over the ice on their way to church. A true gentleman.

The footprints were working for me.

Before I got there I wanted to find a pine tree of sorts, throw some snow on it and take a photo of Stella's ring. I got lucky! This is exactly what I was thinking of.

Stella and Shane met right before he was going to move to California. He was all packed up! Then Stella came along...

Obviously she was worth sticking around for.

These docks were chained off. Didn't stop Stella! Shane and I had to talk her out of going all the way down to the docks. I'll do anything for a great photo, but the last thing I want is someone falling in icy water on my watch!!

There was this great pedestrian bridge over the water.

Apparently Shane wasn't looking forward to our photodate. Stella said he was sulking the night before it. I must have put him at ease because I do believe he is "working it" in this photo.

A funny fact about Stella and Shane - They weren't officially engaged when they booked me! How funny is that? How did he propose? Funny you should ask! Click here

Here we are at the duck pond in Milford. This is the cutest bridge to nowhere that I've ever seen!

Isn't this place great?!

This is what I love to see! People doing whatever it takes for good photos (and not hurting themselves while doing it)

Here is the result! Good job, guys!!

We took a little stroll around town and I spied this little wall. I think this is a sweet picture.

Then Shane spied this store window! Someone had more fun than they were letting on!! Stella and I were very proud of him for noticing this!

This really was a date! Shane and Stella took me out for lunch when we were at this adorable little restaurant when we were done. They didn't want to send me off hungry. I did have a two hour drive ahead of me...

If you're ever in Milford, CT go eat at this place, BUT get there early! They close at 1pm!

Stella and Shane - it was a pleasure spending the day with you! Thanks so much for showing me around town and filling my belly! I can't wait for the wedding!!!!

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  1. These are really sweet. The ring on the tree is so perfect!