Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Karalyn and Erik at Belle Mer 2.21.09 Part 2

Karalyn and Erik really wanted some fun photos that felt like "Newport", and I really wanted to give them what they wanted. I was a nervous wreck the whole week fretting about the weather... but Karalyn lucked out. We had a gorgeous day, the sun was shining and the wind was blowing a little, but not enough to keep us inside. When Karalyn and I met a few weeks ago she assured me that she was up for anything for photos. She said I had free reign to drag her all over Newport... okay Karalyn, be careful what you wish for... We started at Salve Regina in Newport, I love these big ornamental gates.


You can't have enough smooching...

Next we head right down the street to 40 steps on the Cliff Walk. I love this spot, but it's tricky... sometimes the light is all wrong- and then there's the problem of tourists- not today! The sun was in just the right spot and we had the place to ourselves.

There's that breeze- it's working for us though!

Where are we?!

Trish is coming to the rescue... Karalyn forgot her bouquet at the top.

Karalyn was very brave and went off roading a little here- not too easy in heels, but she was giving it 110% as she says... it pays off!

Nice of you to join us Erik.

Here's Trish and Mike Picard getting the shots pictured above... I am not sure what's going on in this other photo- it's pandemonium, I like it though. Who is Erik trying to catch here? Me? Karalyn? Both of us? I think we are both in trouble if we slip. Oh- and what is Melissa doing? Catching Erik? This has disaster written all over it.

Karalyn loses the shoes to make it back up the steps...

Pretty dreamy.

Karalyn had some fun sunglasses stashed away- I am picturing her wearing them now on the beach in Hawaii.


Next stop... Bannister's Wharf. Doesn't get much more Newport than this.

Every time I am down here I find a new spot. I love this little dock. It's so New England.

This is Trish's shot. She's pretty tricky, I didn't even see her doing this photo. That's the fun thing about shooting together, when we get back to the office and look at the photos there are all these unexpected perspectives... Love it!

This photo was Karalyn's idea, she liked the sign. Good idea!

Heading back to Belle Mer, it's party time!

2 more photos with yours truly. I love the bottom one with me and my bride buddy.

You think that was fun!? You haven't seen anything until you've seen Belle Mer transformed by Semia! The sparkle factor is going to hurt your eyes (in a good way!) Stay tuned for Part 3 On Saturday!

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