Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Karalyn and Erik at Belle Mer 2.21.09 Part 1 Photos by "The Whole Snap! Team"

The entire Snap! Team was "representin" for the great big sparkly wedding of Karalyn and Erik this past Saturday. It was so much fun to all go out together - snapping away! We don't usually get to do that- but get married in February and you might get lucky! I hadn't told Karalyn that she was getting the full snap-arazzi treatment, so when we got there she was pretty excited. Karalyn definitely had a vision for her day. I think Semia summed it up best when she described it as a "P Diddy" party in the Hamptons- needless to say there was a whole lot of bling up one side and down the other! The sparkliest thing about the wedding though was definitely Karalyn- she was shining and having the time of her life....
Here's the lovely Semia posing for a photo with Karalyn after she delivered the big bouquet!
I think Karalyn approves...

Bridesmaids bouquets... gorgeous!

Pamela from PDR Events was on hand to make sure everything was running smoothly- and it did!

Our friend Robin Mcaloon made sure everyone was looking their best.

While I was upstairs with the girls, Trish was snapping some photos of the boys. Karalyn and Erik were staying at the Hyatt- and I love this wall in the lobby.
Here's Erik striking some man poses.

Nice! How about those blue eyes? Wow!

Trish getting artsy with the ring shot- Love it!

How cute is this? Erik is the sweetest guy. I saw him hugging and kissing everyone all day- and telling everyone involved thank you. He is very thoughtful and considerate. I think Karalyn is a real lucky girl.

A little male bonding before going to the church.

Meanwhile.... here is our glamorous winter bride! Melissa snapped this one.

I love this photo of Karalyn, she looks so happy. How about that flawless makeup and dewy skin? Nice job Robin, of course it helps to have an adorable face to apply it to.

All the ladies... I like that you can't tell we are running a little late and we are about to dash out the door. Everyone is doing a good job of faking a relaxed mood!

Karalyn is all about the details. Everything was perfectly coordinated.

Karalyn and Erik with their families... the Manzelli's and the Mallozzi's. I get a kick out of all the M's, L's, and Z's! K and E really have the nicest parents. You can't tell from this photo but Karalyn's mom is one hot ticket! She had everyone cracking up all day.

That's Karalyn's sister and maid of honor Kim peeking out of the limo...

Karalyn arrives next... time to attach that 14 foot veil. Karalyn has a flair for the dramatic!

Another one of my favorite shots from the day (a Trish special). Mr. Mallozzi having a moment with his daughter before he walks her down the aisle.

St. Augustin's, Newport.


They did it!!!

So, stay tuned for Part 2 on Thursday... we brave the cold February wind at a couple of really fun spots in Newport. I was thinking I would blog the wedding in 2 parts, but now I realize there are just too many awesome photos, so it looks like Karalyn and Erik are going to need 3 posts. Karalyn, I know you are checking this in Hawaii- so it will just be that many more photos for you in between fruity drinks in coconut shells!

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