Thursday, February 26, 2009

Karalyn and Erik at Belle Mer Part 3 - The Party!

It feels like we have had a whole day of fun already (because we have!) but we've got an entire evening of good times ahead... Karalyn and Erik wanted to get a peek at the ballroom before anyone else, so we snuck in first for the big reveal!


Here's Belle Mer's Stuart... he's making sure Karalyn is a happy camper. She definitely is!

Karalyn strikes a pose with Pam of PDR Events... the lady behind the scenes.

How would you describe this arrangement? Sparkles, Crystals, Wintery sticks, Giant white flower poms... Semia has outdone herself here.

Melissa was photographing the details... but here's Trish muscling in for the shot.

Love the feathers.

I wanted to keep this big sparkly M for myself. Karalyn might have noticed it missing from the top of the cake though. I think Trish and I have got all the angles on the cake covered here.

As if her day wasn't perfect enough... Karalyn also gets a killer sunset. We ran outside for some quick sunset shots.

...and then of course the Blue Light...

Ta Da!

These folders are for the photolounge pics... Melissa is feverishly printing them out and setting them out for the guests to pick up.

The band was excellent... Beantown Band. If you are looking for a band- make sure to check these guys out.

Erik gives Karalyn a little spin around the dance floor...

Whew! The evening is flawless- thanks to Pam's team and the stellar staff at Belle Mer.


That's Erik in the middle of the dance floor- who knew he had such awesome moves! I've never seen anyone dance so skillfully to Billie Jean before (except maybe Michael himself).

A little "Living on a Prayer"... and Karalyn playing the guitar.

The End!

K & E, Thank you, thank you, thank you for making us a part of such a fun day! Can't wait until you get back from Hawaii so we can talk about it all! Hope you love the photos so far, there's a lot more where that came from!

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