Friday, January 2, 2009

snap! you're it! camera visits LA with Stephanie and Jason

Happy New Year everyone! I think that 2009 is going to be fantastic. Let's just plan on it.

So to kick off the new season here at Snap! we thought it would be fun to get our fabulous clients involved in our blogging and to share some of their lives with us. Since we see them mostly on their wedding day, which is NOT a normal day in their lives, we thought it would be fun to get a peek into a day that IS normal.

Presenting..."snap! you're it!" The camera that comes to you unexpectedly in the mail and then gives you 24 hours to snap away and return to sender.

Our first couple to get the snap-cam were Stephanie and Jason, they are getting married in May at Oceancliff. You may remember them from their fun Thayer street portrait session. They live in Los Angeles and found some fun things to snap, so here are their photos...

I think that chandelier street lights are definitely an LA thing! I love this shot!
They had Chinese on Christmas Eve...
A little Hanukkah candle lighting...

For a little info about Hanukkah, click here.

Going to the airport to pick up Jason's sister... I really like the lines and contrast in this shot, although I don't know that that was what Stephanie was going for...

Their puppy Huston with his girlfriend Winnie. How cute are these doggies?!

Thanks so much for sharing your day with us, can't wait for your wedding, it won't be long now!

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