Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Snap and Chat with Tony from Ormonde Productions

Okay, so if you read the blog at all you know that Trish and I are HUGE fans of adding lighting to your event. I think that the idea of lighting is often intimidating and/or confusing to some of our brides. We thought snap! and chatting Tony (i.e. the king of lighting) would be a good way to inform everyone about what's possible and debunk some of the myths... here's Tony to "illuminate" us on the subject of illumination!

Tony's office is in Barrington, and it's pretty swanky. When we got there I tried to lay down on that mod leather sofa-bench hybrid. Trish wouldn't let me have a nap, but it does look cozy doesn't it? Speaking of swanky, want to add a swanky lounge atmosphere to a corner of your venue? Tony can do that too..he has a myriad of lounge furniture (leather ottomans, cube and benches) available to transform your empty corner into a cozy nook.

Here's Tony... what impresses me so much about him is that he is extremely straightforward. He says what he means and means what he says, so refreshing! An interesting fact: Tony started his business completely from scratch. He built a successful business as a DJ, then recognizing the cool trends in lighting happening in other parts of the country- he decided to introduce a little of that coolness here. And did we ever need it!

"A handful of people who are very established in the wedding business really embraced the idea of lighting and helped to push it along. " said Tony.

Tony is a tech-y so that part wasn't a problem, he taught himself all about event lighting and researched the business end of it "to death." And voila- a pioneer of coolness in our midst!

See what I mean? Here are some great examples of how lighting can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Tony thinks that lighting can sometimes scare a bride for a couple reasons...

First, since we are in New England people tend to be a little conservative - this isn't South Beach after all. Clients are sometimes worried about looking too "flashy." Don't let this deter you! Lighting is available in a wide range of options, colors, and configurations- even themes are possible. "I've worked with many conservative clients, I usually tell them not to worry... we can switch it up, maybe a nice amber light during dinner and then something a little more fun when the band starts up."

Secondly, price can be a little intimidating... when Tony lights a room, it just looks really rich... does that mean it has to be really expensive too? No it doesn't... Tony says, "Everyone should have lighting, no matter what the budget of the wedding. The minimum expense for lighting is venue dependent and labor dependent. Lighting in any space, no matter how simple or ornate with a minimalistic approach can be the cherry on the top of the whole thing!"
Well said Tony, we couldn't agree more.

Of course, if you want to go crazy and have your venue look like a Hollywood movie set, Tony can do that too. Some of his more memorable over the top events... a 5 day setup for a million dollar wedding with 500 guests, a glass floor over a pool in a tented wedding, and an airplane hanger in Lincoln RI converted into a swanky event in the clouds.

Here's a nice shot from a wedding we shot last year- with Tony's lighting handy work. I love the warm glow of the pinkish, purple lighting against the blue sky outside. The lantern on the floor by the brides dress is also compliments of Tony. He has many types of lanterns from vintage to modern to light pathways and tents.

Tony says, "Tent weddings are actually my favorite because the whole ceiling of the tent is like a giant movie screen."

"Warm lighting like this is really flattering for skin tones, makes the photography look great, and really creates an environment."

In addition to the other types of lighting Tony offers, he also has dozens of types of chandeliers. Here are some the examples hanging in his office. Ooooh, sparkly.

Another trend? Lighting and Draping together for fantastic textures. Tony works closely with the event planner and the event designer when creating an atmosphere like this Moroccan themed space behind him. The sky is the limit when you start to combine fabric with lighting. Friend and ultra talented designer John Ortin often collaborates with Tony on projects involving draping.

One last fact about Tony, even though he's taken his business in a different direction with event lighting, he still has a team of talented professional DJ's working for him. If you need a DJ for your party you'd be hard pressed to find anyone as knowledgeable or professional.

You can contact Tony via his website at

Tony, thanks for your time- it's always so fun to catch up with you. We're hoping to see you a lot this season!

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