Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snap! & Chat with Make-up Artist Robin Mcaloon

Well everyone... if there was any mystique left surrounding yours truly at all- it is certainly gone now. I am going to stick my ear to the window after I post this blog and listen to hear the collective gasp that is sure to follow.
I am really taking one for the team here- but it's important for you to know that I do it because I love you. See all that I have sacrificed? If this before and after photo does not make you pick up the phone and call Robin immediately, then I just don't know what else will...

The most frequently asked question we get here at snap is probably... "what should I do about makeup?" Followed up by... "I don't usually wear much and I want to look like myself." Followed up by..."I had a trial done, and I hated it!"
Trust me, I understand, but you MUST wear makeup on the big day- you'll feel great, look great, and it will make a world of difference in your photos!
(see photo of me above if you can stomach it.)
Robin can answer all these questions and concerns... we went to visit her to find out first hand what the Robin-experience is all about.

Robin says it's never too early to do a trial. "Brides want to know what the makeup style will be and they want to have the confidence that it will be what they want."
To do this, Robin tries to tune into their personalities. "I ask a lot of questions! What is their normal routine? Do they have a look they are going for? Did they bring any pictures? For the 'natural' brides I ease into the makeup that works for them. I won't apply to heavily and scare them. We can always add more. I don't push. I don't need them to do what I think they should do. I want them to be comfortable. I want them to say WOW when they look in the mirror."

Here's Robin working her magic... she gave me some really good tips while we were chatting:

Robin Tip #1: You know how when you apply your eyeshadow you always get the flakes of color on your cheeks and under your eyes? Dab on a loose powder across the top of your cheekbones and under your eyes. Put it on pretty heavy and just let it kind of sit there while you do your shadow, it will catch all those flakes. When you are done, just wipe it off with your brush!

Robin Tip #2 False Eyelashes!!! I have never worn them- but Robin applied them for fun. I wanted to get the full effect. I couldn't stand my own sexiness once she put them on! Hello- I never want to go out of the house without them now!

Robin says they can be applied individually for a more natural look- or in a strip for a more dramatic look. "People are afraid of the lashes- but then they do it and they LOVE the look. It adds a real pop to the eyes."


I asked Robin the number one most important thing we can all do to maximize our beauty...

Her answer? "Take care of your skin!"
The first step for a flawless face is a good skin care regimen. You need to create a nice canvas for the makeup. Dry flaky skin is really hard to cover up."
Robin will give you advice on how to prepare your skin for your wedding day during your first consultation.

Robin Tip #3 A smooth face to neck transition is important. Don't forget your neck! Robin put a little bronzer on my neck to match my face.

Isn't it weird? I actually look younger AND thinner. I love you Robin!

I know your dying to know more about Robin- here are some Fun Facts about her...

1. She'll travel anywhere to make you gorgeous!

2. Robin is a painter too, and taught herself all about makeup while working at a salon. She's been beautifying people all over the East bay and beyond for 10 years!

3. Robin will stay with you on your wedding day if you'd like her to do touch ups for photos etc. She has an hourly rate for that. She often finds herself being more of a stylist... looking out for out of place hairs, dress hems, cuffs etc... as well as making sure your makeup stays expertly applied.

4. Robin would love to get into the movie business and create big prosthetics because it's so creative.

5. She could do makeup for hours! She gets lost in it because she's so passionate about it. But, your bridal makeup will take about an hour... she knows there's a limit!

6. If stuck on a desert island with only one cosmetic to choose... Robin would pick lipstick! At first she was thinking blush, because she's so fair- but then resourceful Robin changed her answer to lipstick because she could use it on her cheeks and her lips! Smart!

Isn't she so pretty?

Want to look natural and glam all at the same time?
The only thing left to know is how to get a hold of her:

email Robin at:
Call her at : 508.397.3641
or check out her website
What are you waiting for?


  1. i told you the fake eyelashes were fantastic! the wedding pictures in the dominican would not have been the same without my lashes! And you two of course! :) Angela

  2. Wow - great photo essay. Mariah is a model!

  3. hi my name is alyssa i need help with makeup