Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Krista and Darren & Max's Post Wedding Shoot- New Years Day (Brrrrr...)

When Krista and Darren came to visit me during their planning process, they didn't come alone. They had a friend along... the very fabulous and charismatic Max (see photo below). I immediately started scheming for ways to get Max included in the wedding photos.
Voila! A photo shoot the day after the wedding! Solves the problem of not getting any daylight photos on New Years Eve- and gets Max included in the photos. Perfect!
Now, keep in mind that the temperature is about 10 below... luckily Max is wearing his coat.
Krista also appeared with this fun purple coat & orange boots!

This is really what I wanted, a nice soft daylight portrait... check.

At this point, Max's paws literally freeze to the brick walkway and he decides to make a B-Line to the car where it's warm and cozy.

No matter, we got the shot.

I'm not quite finished torturing Krista and Darren though... they got married in Bristol, which if you don't know it is a gorgeous seaside town... and now that it is light out we can see that they are actually right on the water.

I also really wanted to get a shot of them in front of their venue, since we weren't able to do it the night before.

This is my favorite shot from both days- it's just so fun! Love the boots- love the blue sky, love how cute they are looking at each other.


...and they're off to Belize!
Hope you guys are having a terrific time in the sun, see you when you get back!

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  1. beautiful couple......
    inside & out.
    you deserve nothing but the best.
    i will be forever thankful that you chose "max"
    it was meant to be, as were the two of you.
    love always,