Monday, May 5, 2008

Mariah's "Photo Date" with Averi and Paul

What's my idea of a perfect date? Hmmm...well first I took Averi and Paul back to my place... Wait! Isn't that supposed to happen at the end of the date? I thought it might be a good idea to warm up at the office first in our mini-studio. Then we went for a stroll down Benefit street where I subjected Paul and Averi to leaky gutters, oncoming traffic and ridiculously steep hills, not to mention my unorthodox parking... I think it was worth it for all of the killer backgrounds, colors and textures we found. We popped in at the RISD museum- and since I am a cheap date- I was excited to find out that it is free on Sunday mornings! Averi and Paul spend a lot of time poking around the museums in DC where they live- so I thought they'd feel right at home in our own little gem of a museum. Next stop- Thayer street to add a little "grunge" to our very pretty pics. I spotted this green wall the other day while hunting for green backdrops (which is Averi's fav color). Averi and Paul and I had a really fun time- we laughed A LOT! They were very polite and indulged me in my corny jokes and stories. Thanks guys! Also Paul- was very chivalrous to treat me to a yummy caramel coffee to warm me up after our rainy shoot. I cannot wait until their wedding in August - I just know the sun will be shining then, even if it eluded us on Sunday!

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