Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Andrea and Howard 5-25-2008 at The Westin, Providence RI

Flowers by Anna at Snapdragons- she does such an amzing job and is so sweet to match!

I love this photo of Andrea she looks like a "vintage starlet"!

A beautiful moment between Howard and Andrea right before the ceremony, they were both REALLY nervous!
Andrea is radiant, and I love how the bottom of her dress swishes around her feet when she walks.
Happy Couple!

Andrea indulges my crazy ideas...

Super fun wall of tile at Waterplace park with many messages of Love, Hope, and Peace - how appropriate!

Andrea's friends were awesome! They totally love her!

How fun is this shot? We didn't let the bouquets hit the ground... the boys were standing behind us to catch them. We took a ton of these shots, this one is by Melissa- she caught the best of the batch. Nice job Melissa!

I shot this, but the pose was Melissa's idea- very nice.

Love this shot of the bridal party, Emily the bridesmaid is a champion jumper!

Andrea really wanted this shot, and Howard wasn't sad to pose this way!

Andrea and me, my new BFF!

Another Melissa spectacular special!

Anna nailed it with these flowers!

Last photo of the evening.... love that blue light in the windows behind them!

The 411 on the details:
Photos by: Mariah and Melissa
Flowers by: Anna at Snapdragons
DJ: Music Express
So, Andrea and Howard will be giving a seminar soon called "How to work-it for your wedding photos" Seriously! We had sooo much fun with them. Andrea was an absolute dream to photograph. She has an amazing sense of humor and more energy than 10 brides put together. Howard was funny and charming and totally cooperative. It was a marathon day- but it felt like it flew by. These pics are just the tip of the iceberg. Right before she walked down the aisle Andrea asked Melissa how many photos we typically give the client. Melissa told her around 1000. Andrea winked and said.. "make it 2000!" Now that's my kind of girl!


  1. Girl - you look GORGEOUS! And the two of you are totally in love. I cannot wait to see you back in Phoenix for your 2nd wedding!


    Love you guys,

  2. Congrats, Andrea and Howard. Whenever you're in Mass, give me a call.

    Stacey Ladd Mulholland