Friday, May 30, 2008

Helena and Brian at Roger Williams Park

These two are totally cute! They are getting married in two weeks and wanted to do a practice run and get some fun shots together before the big day. We headed over to Roger Williams Park and had some fun posing all around. They did a great job and I was quite proud of them! Let me just add that Helena has the nicest skin ever, it looks like it has retouching when you look at her in person! it's perfect! I am so jealous.

Anyway, I am looking forward to their beautiful wedding day, and hoping for awesome weather like we had this week!


Adam and Eve?

Kiss me and...

I'll kiss you back.

The old seal house at the park, they used to have seals hangin around out in the open back in the day.

So sweet...and romantic, guys make a mental note!


Aren't they sweet?
See you guys soon!

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