Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Thinking Outside the Backdrop

It happens every day, we are driving and see a cool location and say "Oooh, I wish I could stick a bride and groom there, that would make a great shot!" So in our travels to Newport yesterday we took a couple of pictures to illustrate to you what we are thinking about when we suggest different locations for your formal pictures. It's usually not what you would think of as a "good backdrop" for pictures. A big flowerbed sounds good but often does not translate well in a photograph, we are looking for good light, textures and lines. The below photos are a few examples of some of those ooooh moments. Usually the entire location is not what you would think of as picturesque, but the actual photo only captures a small portion of the area, so if you find yourself getting out of your limo into a crappy parking lot, just trust us, the light there might be awesome! This tree farm is on a busy road and does not look very inviting, but it photographs so well.

This is crappy parking lot mentioned above.

I love how random this chimney on the beach is. Bride and groom in the foreground...oooh.

This is one of those doorways in Newport that is so cool, it actually doesn't look this good when you are there.

Overturned lifeguard chairs in the beach parking lot create a really dramatic photo. I volunteered on this one so you could get the full effect.

We MUST get a wedding party to this spot with a surfboard, pronto! I am picturing a panoramic shot in the album! Any surfer couples out there? Which reminds me, be sure to tell us if you have a common interest or funny story that we could translate into fun and meanigful photos on your wedding day. For example, "We met in an elevator". Then you should have a cute little photo of yourselves in an elevator on your wedding day. Let's make it unique to you!

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