Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Tail of Snap! and the Snoot

So, I was peeking over Melissa's shoulder yesterday when she was putting the finishing touches on Dana and Jared's photo date pics. You may remember them from a previous blog about their super dog- Lilly. I cracked up over these "out-takes." Lilly sure made us work for our photos- she is a little more human then canine I think. I can't get enough of her furry face. I thought you might enjoy these photos. I especially like the shot of her giving us a razberry. Pretty sad when a dog puts you in your place.

There once was a dog named Lilly
who thought doing a portrait was silly
she'd scratch and she'd sniff
till she got a big whiff
of sand and of sea
and dead creatures she'd eat
and drive the poor photographers mad!
We love you Lilly!
I know that doesn't exactly rhyme- but you get the general idea.


  1. I love the pictures. She is a silly dog and those pictures absolutely capture her persoanlity.
    I love the blog and the poem too. I was laughing so hard at the photo of Lilly with her tongue out.
    Thank you so much for such perfect photos. You guys are the best!


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