Monday, April 28, 2008

Erin and Jack at the Glen Manor House April 26th

Erin's was really excited to put her dress on! Her bouquet is by Paul at Broadway Florist.
Erin has anazing eyes- one of her many very pleasing features! She really wanted this shot in the window.

That's me on the chair- anything for a good angle. It's fitting that Erin popped the champagne cork and poured a toast for everyone... she's a bartender!

In the dictionary under "Jack"... very handsome and sweet - adept at striking cool "man poses".

Love these shots with the maid of honor and best man. Jack and Erin have super nice friends.

Melissa took this nice shot of Erin on the stairs just before she came down the aisle. It's a classic but I really like her composition with a little twist. yes... Jack is crying!

These guys were great- they did whatever I said. Sometimes I dread the big bridal party because it can be like herding cats... but this was a breeze and really fun.

Can I get in on this canoodling?

This photo is one of my favorite shots of the day and was not really in my "plan" but I couldn't resist the beautiful backlight.

Melissa took this really nice entrance shot... think they are excited?

I've never seen a bride body surf across the dance floor, but there's a first time for everything!
Melissa and me at the end of the evening... It's a wrap!
So, I had never met Erin before Saturday... it's not often that I don't get to meet the bride before the wedding day. I would have been really nervous- but I had met Jack, the very charming and super cute groom to be. A series of "unfortunate events" kept me from meeting Erin... work, sickness, etc... so I wasn't sure what to expect. When Jack came in to visit me a few months back, I asked him how he and Erin met. He told me that he had met her at the bar where she bartends. Turns out he was instantly smitten with Erin-who could blame him? So, he summoned his courage and asked her out. Problem was Erin didn't want to date customers so she said NO. Not to be discouraged Jack asked her out again and again and again- for two years! It seems persistence paid off in this case- and here are the photos to prove it. Don't feel to bad for Jack though, it was revealed in the maid of honor's toast that Erin knew she wanted to marry Jack after only a few dates. I would say that they are of equal "smitten-ness" which is very important after all.
Here's the 411 on the details:

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