Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Amy and Scott - August 11th 2007

Photographed by Mariah and Trish

Okay, here is the thing... Amy and Scott are so cute that it's off the charts! It was so fun spending the day with them, they are really in love and are lovely people as well! I think that is what it's all about, finding that person that you think is so cute and you just want to tell everyone all about it.
The photo Lounge made it to the Glen Manor for an eventful evening of antics and fun had by their guests. We are giving out the "most original" award to the bridesmaids for their handstands in the Lounge, nice work. Did you see Joyce from Stoneblossom there with her husband?! Judy, Amy's mom work fors Joyce, and as perdicted, the flowers were off the hook! It was a sea of white orchids, truly amazing!
Rounding out the night was the crazy fun dancing, even Amy's grandmother got in on a few songs, go Grammy!
I don't think that I would be out of line in saying that it was pretty much a perfect day. I hope that Amy and Scott agree, we definately have the pictures to prove it, just in case there is any question.

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