Monday, August 27, 2007

Marie and Scott August 26th 2007

Is that a horse circling Marie's dress? No- just two Great Danes! Zephyr and Louanna wanted a portrait with Marie and then decided it would be really comfy to lay on her dress. We got the biggest kick out of them, they were like two giant babies. It was a beautiful night at Easton's Beach. Scott and Marie had a beautiful reception at the Rotunda. Their guests enjoyed the big red lobsters and everyone had a great time taking a spin on the carousel, especially the kids. Marie and Scott were so sweet to us, thank you for the delicious meal and the GREAT wedding favors which are making our office smell really nice. My favorite part of the evening was watching Scott and marie dance. I don't know what Scott was whispering to Marie, but whatwever it was it must have been really sweet to make her cry. Best of luck to you guys!

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