Thursday, August 9, 2007

Photo Lounge Mania at Belle Mer

Have you heard of the Photo Lounge?
People are absolutely insane for it. We've been working on the idea for a few years, and now it's really taking off. This is our swanky little tent, it's easy to put up and easy to take down. No special requirements for power - we just need a little space. What is it about taking your own photo? Guests at the weddings cannot get enough of it. They set up all kinds of kooky shots. It creates a buzz and guarantees fun. All of these shots are from a wedding we did in July. If you are considering having the lounge, I thought you might want to see some behind the scenes photos. Obviously, the guests aren't the only people enjoying the lounge. Trish and I managed to get in there for a few snaps ourselves. The looming figure standing above me in the photo is Stephen, he is our resident Photo Lounge professional. Nice job SP. As you can see, everyone is having a great time, us included. More lounge outtakes to follow. stay tuned....

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