Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lindsay and Scott at OceanCliff Part Two

Posted by Mariah, Photos by Trish & Melissa

Trish thinks Lindsay looks like a sparkly little snowball against this grey backdrop... she wishes Lindsay walked a little slower for the sake of the photos, but for the sake of frostbite she needed to hurry.

Safe inside... Lindsay is doing a little deep breathing for the nerves...

Big moment #2! Scott sees Lindsay for the first time. Hopefully this is the reaction she was hoping for!

I think so!

Emmanuel Church, so gorgeous!

Such a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony.

It's funny how it really FEELS like winter, so cozy and festive.

The I do's.

They did it!

Love this little series.

A fun and funky little spot. The background looks like a retro- screen. Love it.

The gang.

Everyone looks normal, but it was seriously FREEZING! Thanks ladies!

Love the night time photos... very dramatic, although very cold. Excellent lighting by the fab Melissa.

Mr & Mrs... classic!

Time to head back to Oceancliff. If this isn't the best moody winter photo I don't know what is!

Trish caught this great photo before Lindsay made a dash for it... too cold! Good thing Trish is a quick snapper with nimble fingers!

Warming up a little inside...


Well, pop me in a silver frame and stick me on the mantle!
Having a little fun.

Catching up to the 21st century...

No shortage of romance here.

They'll get back downstairs sooner or later, so stay tuned for the reception!

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