Thursday, December 3, 2009

Amy and Dave at the State Room in Boston, Part Three

Posted by Mariah:

What a gorgeous room!

Amy's sister in law Erin, made all of these fabulous table numbers.

Why Friar juice? PC grads of course! This drink looked so delicious and so refreshing I was extremely tempted to indulge in one... but of course I did not and now Amy and Dave have in-focus photos instead of blurry memories.

MMM, maple syrup.

MMM. cupcakes.

Here are my little buddies... former snap clients Erin and Jason, who will celebrate their 5th anniversary this year!!!

Getting ready for the grand entrance.

Voila! Fun shot by Melissa.

Taking a little spin...oooh, another Melissa photo- she's on fi-ya!

Listening to the toasts.



This view does not get old.

Showing the photographer a little love!

Some sweets, and a milkshake to wash it down!

Time to party!

just a few last photos...

Good night guys! Have a great time in Costa Rica! I am so jealous, but the cupcakes should help soothe my sadness!

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  1. These are great - you guys are amazing.

    Jason B

  2. You girls do such an unbelievable job ! I am a fellow photographer so I love to just check your blog to see the gorgeous work you do - When I get married I will be calling you !!