Thursday, December 3, 2009

Amy and Dave at the Langham Hotel, Boston

Posted by Mariah:

The Langham Hotel is fabulous... Amy and Dave chose to stay there for their wedding this weekend. It's my second visit, and I was happy to make it back! Interestingly, I was watching the Travel Channel yesterday and the Langham Hotel made it on the show for their all you can indulge chocolate brunch! (I didn't know about that... might have arranged to get their a little earlier on Saturday if I had!) I spied this little chocolate beauty in Amy's room and thought it would look nice wearing her ring.

Amy had a gorgeous bouquet. I love how it was wrapped with these palm- like leaves.

Apparently Amy is more of a T -shirt and jeans kind of girl then an up-d0 and makeup kind of girl. Can't wait to see the transformation!

Of course, no girl can resist a little pampering.

Things got a little tense at this point... not that you can tell from this photo.
Amy wasn't completely sold on the idea of a veil...(remember t-shirts and jeans).
But, I am so glad she wore it! She looked so great with it and it completed her bridal-ness!


Amy's dad was very emotional when he saw her for the first time.


Amy and her girls.
The tall brunette beauty on the left is Amy's sister in law Erin.
Erin is a former snap! bride from 2005. She was married in January... and we had the best time, I was so excited when Amy called me and told me it was her turn to get married.

And here is Amy's brother Jason... husband to Erin and former snap! groom.
I don't know how well Amy and Jason got along when they were little, but they are so sweet to each other now as grown ups. I really hope my kids grow up to have a relationship like theirs!

Meanwhile, Melissa is photographing the handsome groom, Dave.

I love the gifts Dave had for his friends... bobble heads in each of their likenesses!

Hilarious! (and quite life like!)

Melissa took the boys downstairs for a few photos. I love this portrait of Dave (and George).

The Langham has a really swanky bar... perfect for photos of the men.

...and convenient for acquiring a cocktail.

Once the men left, it was time for Amy's portrait. She said, "It feels weird, like I am posing."
I said, "you are!" and "you look fabulous!"
I also told her to think.... Vanity Fair.
I think she did a good job!
She's very 1930's in this photo.
Amy, I know you are modest, but you seriously need a canvas print of this in your house.

...and possibly this one too.

So festive!
Stay tuned next for the ceremony and then the reception at the State Room!

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