Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Munro Family

Posted by Mariah:

Meet two of our snap! babies... Trish and I photographed their mom and dad a few years ago. This is our third portrait session and I just love seeing these little guys grow.

Here's the whole fam... a small miracle considering the boys are one and two. Aren't their parents extremely good looking?! Some good genes working here...

Trish was dancing around behind me to get the boy's attention. She has no shame when it comes to wrangling kids for photos.

Here's baby Luke... walking by himself (with a little help from dad).

I think we are boring him.

Will's not bored, he's FULL of energy! We are playing peek a boo.

Handsome little guy.

Kitty is ready for his portrait too.

Luckily he's a very patient kitty.

Love this one.

And this one! Luke is a little more reserved then his older brother, and I like his "pensive" look!

Ooooh... trike!

If this was my beautiful baby I would have to order a giant canvas print of this. It's just so classic, I'd never tire of looking at it.

While we were winding down, Trish spotted this enormous toad. I do not like toads. I mean, I really do not like them. Looks like Will does though.

When I was about 7 my cousin Brian shoved a bullfrog down the back of my bathingsuit. I haven't been right since, thanks Bri.

Despite my toad phobia, I decided to take this guys portrait. Trish thought it was hilarious that the toad was so clueless about what was happening and now he'll be famous on our blog. Animals are funny that way.

Luke is out of here... it's a wrap!

One of the best things about this job is seeing our snap! families expand. Love Love Love!!!

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