Monday, November 2, 2009

Elizabeth (Biz) and Andrew at Kinney Bungalow in Narragansett Part One

Posted by Melissa:

The weather was insane for Biz and Andy's wedding day! One second it was pouring, then drizzling, then it stopped. When I showed up to do get rolling with the photos I wasn't sure if we were going to make it outside...

Biz's bouquet... Flowerthyme did an amazing job on the flowers.

Andy's boutonniere...

There she is! Arriving early in the rain.

Biz and Andy decided to see each other before the ceremony. I was so happy they decided to do it! At this time of year it gets dark so fast! Leaves little to no time for photos.

I love Kinney Bungalow! I had been there once as a guest at a wedding. I've been excited to go back ever since.

Upstairs waiting for a break in the rain.

Becca's view

Nothing says fall like a bumpy colorful gourd

Finally! The rain stopped for a little bit!

There is a working farm at Kinney Bungalow. I love it!! Makes for great photos!

Becca got this one.

Speaking of the farm, the farmers were nice enough to let me stand in their jeepy thing so I could get...

This shot!

Apparently sometimes Andy drives a Zamboni! Before the wedding Biz told me that he was excited for the possibility of a tractor shot. I spied this one before they arrived.

Waiting for the guests to arrive...

This is Biz's nephew and sister. He was pretty tired and a little ticked off that he was going to be with a babysitter all night instead of Mom. Getting in some last hugs before it's time to leave.

Another Nephew! They were all so cute!

Just about to go down the aisle...

About to get married...


Off to do a couple more photos...

See the rest of the pics tomorrow in Part 2

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