Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lisa and Matt at Castle Hill, Part One

Posted by Mariah:

Trish and Melissa, photog's extraordinaire, shot Lisa and Matt's beautiful wedding this past weekend. I was lounging at home, but from the looks of these photos, I kind of feel like I missed out! It's always so fun to see what the snappers are going to come up with and as usual my girls did not disappoint me. This fun shot is by Trish being sneaky with Lisa's shoes.

Got to have a fun ring photo right?

This shot knocks my socks off. I asked Trish how she did it... but she wouldn't divulge her secret. Stinker.

A little bubbly to get everyone in the mood.

You may recognize Lisa from her previous blog appearance. She and Matt were frolicking in Boston with giant balloons. Lisa is FULL of life and that is just one of the reasons she is so gorgeous. Of course being head over heels in love helps too.

The apple of Lisa's eye... Matt.

Tall, gorgeous, and smart. Lisa is going to see Matt before the ceremony to capitalize on the last bits of daylight. Smart girl.

Love this one.

I believe this is Melissa's angle... very romantical.

Trish's view, so sweet.

Stunning bouquet by Stoneblossom.

Sun flare? Yes, Please!

Classic. This one needs a silver frame and a mantle.

Super cutie, the official ring bearer.

Here's the whole gang.

Lisa reminds me of a movie star from the 40's. She's just so feminine and lovely.

Nothing like a little frolicking in the foliage.

So, if you follow the blog, you know that we go to Cast Hill... a lot! We love it of course- but the challenge is always to find a brand new spot for photos. Sometimes we even have contests. (Trish usually wins by the way). Well, she's done it again. Here's a brand new spot. I wonder if Trish forced Melissa to lay on the cold ground, she's mean like that you know.
OUCH! She just pinched me.

Ooohhh, this is so November, but in a good way!

Trish was crazy for this fluffy grass stuff. I love the tree in the foreground. Fav photo!

Melissa's angle- guess it was worth laying down for! So romantic! Nicely done Melissa, this is romantical photo #2 for you!

Lisa and Matt are so crazy for each other and so expressive... they make it easy!

Lots of walking shots... there were just too many cute ones for me to choose.

More autumn action.

And more walking... see what I mean? Stop all this cuteness, it's madness!

This day just keeps getting better and better- can you believe this is November?

Such a beautiful view.

I love the feeling of this photo. I love the feeling of the sun on my face too- pretty dreamy.

A formal with the beautiful Castle Hill Inn.

The sibs...

During the summer, there are generally people all over this lawn. Hmph, don't they know we are trying to take some pictures? How dare they!... not today though...
Too cold for tourists but not too cold for Lisa and Matt. This is a fun angle by Melissa.

And Trish's view.


Stay tuned for the ceremony and reception...


  1. Ladies -

    You've done it again - fabulous!!!!

    Thanks for a wonderful season,

  2. Beautiful! I love the november one with the trees. absolutely amazing job!