Monday, March 24, 2008

Kim and Kevin get hitched!

Well, it's official. Kim and Kevin are the best looking couple of our 2008 season. I'm not saying that just because they are the first wedding of the season, but seriously, they are really attractive! (Just ask Kevin) We spent the day with them on Saturday and it was the luckiest weather! But don't all the good looking people have all the luck anyway?!
They got married at Channing Memorial Church in Newport, and had the reception at Oceancliff. Thanks for a fun day you guys, have fun in Mexico and check back for more photos, I will post them as we work on them, this was my favorite so far and I wanted to share it right away! (Kim, I think I nailed it!)


  1. WOOOHOOOO!!! When are the rest of the pictures going to be up?? And will it be under Kevin and Kim?? Or their last name??

  2. What a great wedding! We all had so much fun. Great picture of Kev and Kim but what a tease. With this picture being so nice we are all anxious to see more. I am sure you won't disappoint. Great job ladies.