Tuesday, March 4, 2008


The below photo is of the building next door to us at Davol Square. For many years it has just been vacant and there was talk of various different things happening to it. About six months ago we saw movement and an enormous crane and now renovations are under way. It got me thinking about the past present and future. So often it feels like nothing ever changes, you get into a routine, you drive past the same things every day on the way to work, you see the same people doing the same things etc. But then there are moments like seeing this building bustling with activity that you realise things change a lot. You can always count on change to happen, even amidst the seemingly unchanging lanscapes that you get so used to.
Living through a New England winter can be tough, you start to feel like the cold and grey days will never end, but alas the temuratures eventually do start to increase, like today, it's 60! And then a small flower appears from the grey and barren ground, and you feel the hope of the change that is coming, it's always a great feeling! Although it will be back in the 30's by the end of the week, I am grateful to have a few days to enjoy and not be cold and cranky!
The photo above this one is the front view of the old 'Narragansett Electric Lighting Co.' This is the link to see some old photos of the building as it was back in the day, and some images of what it will become in the future http://www.artinruins.com/arch/redevelop/harbor/#
Of course the other photo is of me enjoying the warm temps and getting out of the office for a few minutes to photograph the Dynamo House and finding a cool doorway in our own building here at Davol Square. Thanks for reading!

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