Friday, March 21, 2008

We're back!

It's so nice to be home! We had a great time in Vegas learning all kinds of things and meeting lots of great people (hey Armin!)

The good news is that we have some great new albums coming your way! We will be offering silk and leather albums that come in all kinds of cool colors and are presented in a box, who doesn't like that?! More on that in future posts.

We are newly refreshed and inspired to shoot our 2008 weddings that we have coming up. It's always great to get the batteries re-charged and we surely did that at the convention. Not only are we armed with more technical information, but also new ideas and more creativity. We are excited to try out our new 'stuff'.

We have absolutely looked to other photographers in our business who are succesful and who's work inspires us, we have taken a little bit from each persons advice to help us enhance what we do and try to improve our own work along the way, we are SO appriciateive to all of them for sharing with us! Thank you, thank you!!!

We have posted a few photos of ourselves with a few of those people who inspire us...(in an attempt to make ourselves seem more important)

The convention was held at Bally's and Paris hotels, I wish we had a crepe place here at the office! Yum.

I guess this would be an appropriate cake topper for a Las Vegas wedding... If your grandmother isn't there!

This is pretty much what our scene was for most of the time, lots of seminars! This one was with Mike Colon.

Joe photo was nice enough to pose for a pic, Mariah was sick so she missed meeting him, bummer!

This is us with our hero Gary Fong! there is talk of changing photography to 'Fongtography'

A big face photo with [B]ecker, we learn something new from him every day on his [b] school blog

Mariah might have a big gambling problem, she spent and entire dollar at this machine... hey wait a minute, that was my dollar!

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