Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Vanessa and Eric's Wedding 6/23/07

Photographed by: Mariah
Eric looks at Vanessa the way all girls want their guys to look at them. Eric is one of the nicest men I have met, as evident by the heartfelt toasts from his three best men! Vanessa was an absolute vision and is equally as appreciative of her good fortune in finding Eric. They were a dream to photograph, so cooperative, so sweet and animated. Thanks Vanessa for braving that narrow overgrown path to take those terrific photos on the beach. Eric, I had no idea you were so fond of pie- as I mentioned on the day of the wedding... aside from being a fab photog, I am also the pie queen- so when I see you for your album I owe you a strawberry rhubarb pie. It probably won't be as sweet as the one Vanessa presented you with on the day of the wedding (for sentimental reasons of course) but I'll do my best!
Flowes by: Stoneblossom, Venue: Castlehill Inn, Newport

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