Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Danielle and Giuseppe 7/7/07

Photographed by: Trish and Mariah
Danielle wrote us the most enthusiatic thank you note we've ever gotten. It gave me goosebumps. Trish read the email at home and her husband read it over her shoulder and remarked "Well trishy, I guess you've still got it." Nothing makes us happier than when our clients are happy. It's all we really want, well that and to take a little vacation once in awhile. We feel lucky to work with so many great people and to spend our weekends in such pretty places. Here's a little of what Danielle had to say...
"We were trying to figure out if we know anyone
with wedding pictures as beautiful as the ones you took for us, and we realized,
yes....IN MAGAZINES!!!!! They are just exactly what we wanted, what we could
have imagined to hope for....we are more than ecstatic! We just LOVE LOVE
LOVE them! We most likely are going to have to look at them all over and over
before we realize that those are OUR photos...i was crying all over again, the
church images are just phenomenal! OMG! And honestly, the ones with
my dad are some of my absolute favorite ones of the entire the
reception, at the house, at the church. Honestly, the flowers, the tables,
the people, the lighting, the rocks, the beach, I don’t know how we could have
ever asked for the result to be this beautiful. Really, thank you both so much
for capturing our day so beautifully and making all the images memories for

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