Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Jimmy and Vanessa's Wedding 6/23/07

Photographed by: Melissa
They say things happen for a reason right? Jimmy and Vanessa had planned to get married on June 9th. They were devastated to find out their reception venue had double booked! They had to switch their date to June 23rd. Much to their pleasure... June 23rd was absolute perfection. Perfect temp, perfect weather... June 9th? Rain,rain,rain. What luck! We should have known it could not rain on Vanessa's wedding day. Everyone who meets her thinks the same thing, she's a little ray of sunshine! Who is that gorgeous creature in the black dress you might ask, next to that very dashing man in the stylish suit? Why, it's Trish of course! Trish had the very rare occasion to be a guest at this wedding. Of course, she could not resist snapping some photos. Melissa photographed this wedding and all the photos of Trish dancing have mysteriously disappeared from the computer. Trish?! Jimmy has been a close friend of Trish's for many, many years. Many more years of happiness Jimmy and Vanessa, you are perfect together.

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