Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Posted by Trish:
Well, there seems to be something going around...and it makes your stomach really big like this...
Melissa reluctantly met me on Sunday for a few portraits before she is relieved of this condition, which is actually happening this Thursday by c-section because 'someone' is being a naughty baby and standing up straight! No matter, he/she won't win this battle, but I'm sure will win many others in their future.
Zoe the big sister came along to get into a few shots for posterity, how cute! So this is Melissa now, but lucky for her not for long, thanks for being a good sport and posing for a few pix!

This is my favorite!

Oooh, but I like this one too...

Now poor Melissa is on her own for photos, feeling big but looking great!

It's hilarious!

And saucy!

I think that at a much later time when Melissa is not feeling so big and preggo and is svelte again she will excited to have these photos.


Good luck Melisser!


  1. Oh, my God!!! I'm huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The ones with Zoe are SO awesome!!!! Thank you, Trish!!!!


  2. What great pictures!!

    @Melissa - you are not huge. You look beautiful and this is coming from another preggie woman.

    Good luck!

  3. I LOVE this post!!! Melissa, you look so cute! I love the one of Zoe hugging your belly. It is SO adorable. Trish, I am totally calling you to do preggo pics when the time comes!

    Have a great day on Thursday and post pics of the little one when you can! xoxo, Aisha