Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dish with Trish No. 5

This is the BEST custom gift idea ever!!!

I had never even heard of pyrography until I saw one of these creations in person and I knew I had to have one! They are made by Brooke Brink and Corinne Melzard of Love Handles.
The photo below is a gift to my friend Molly at her recent baby shower (as seen in a previous blog) from her friend Brooke. It's a toybox for their baby with pictures of all things meaningful to them. They have a pug, they got married at the Towers, Thaksgiving is their favorite holiday, Stephen loves to take pictures and they have a zebra theme in the baby's room, it's just awesome!

I happen to be the very lucky owner of this gem! It was my Christmas present this year. I told my husband that it was the only gift I wanted and I ordered it for myself, but I didn't see the finished product until I opened it on Christmas morning and it was a wonderful surprise!
So I decided on a Rhode Island theme for the mirror and just printed out images from the internet of what things I wanted included and sent them along to Brooke. She emailed me a few times to ask questions, but the design was 100% hers, I had no idea what it would look like.
She came up with the "At Home in Rhode Island" which I thought was so clever, I had sent a picture of the RI license plate so that she could incorporate the wave somewhere and to my delight she made a little Isaac license plate!!! I also couldn't believe the Newport Bridge, I sent a photo of the bridge at sunset with the lights on but I was sending it more for the shape, she totally recreated the photo on the wood, how is that even possible?!
This is my most prized possession after my scrapbooks of course!

When Mariah and Don decided to get married I was so excited, not so much for their marriage, but to order something from Brooke!!! I decided on the lazy susan because they have a big kitchen table that is the center of activity.
Since they were planning an elopement on Block Island, we needed a Block Island theme combined with wedding, what's better than that?! I came up with a list of things I wanted to include, names, beachy stuff, ice cream etc. and also sent an image of the ferry boat and the map of what the island looks like...wa la! Another masterpiece is born!
It was so fun giving it to her and seeing her reaction, she cried and couldn't believe it, there is just something so fabulous about these things!
Mariah also say that this is her most prized possession, it's what we're grabbing if the house is on fire...aside from people of course!

And here is one of the oh so talented crafters...Brooke Brink! Isn't she adorable! You'd never know what kind of talent lies underneath that sweet face just by looking at her...

You can buy pre-made pieces on their Etsy store or you can email Corinne or to talk to them about a custom order.

Wouldn't a wedding theme or Newport theme be an amazing wedding gift?! It will guarantee your gift being the best one the couple receives!

If you are the bride, tell someone you want one, or order one for yourself! You could also do a box to have at the reception for cards!

Who doesn't like to have something that's one of a kind?!
I know I do.


  1. Thanks for sharing the information on pyrography. I was unaware of it. what a wonderful Christmas gift you have got. It looks awesome.

  2. Thanks Trish, this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  3. Love Handles goes the extra mile to make hand crafted custom gifts that last a lifetime for their clients!

  4. Brooke and Cori are so good to their clients, they really make you feel important and part of the artistic process, its a rare treat!

    Thanks Trish!!!