Monday, October 4, 2010

Amanda + Jeremy at Linden Place, Part One

Posted by Melissa, Photos by Melissa and Sarah:

When I met Amanda and Jeremy I thought they were two of the nicest people!  They just struck me as being genuinely sweet.  So I wasn't surprised when I saw the touching things Amanda had made for her parents on her wedding day (Her Dad cried when he got his hanky!).  Being a Mommy myself I even got emotional!  I hope my kids grow up to be as thoughtful as these guys.  One thing that did surprise me was Amanda's dress!  Va Va Va Voom!  I didn't except our little sweetie pie to look so sexy!  Hello!  Jeremy, you looked pretty handsome yourself! 

Looking at these pictures you just can't help but see how in love these two are and what nice people they are.  And let's not forget the sexiness!  (Amanda, I know I'm totally embarassing you right now, but deal with it!  You looked amazing!)

More to come...

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  1. This was such a beautiful wedding. From the couple (who are great friends) to the flowers and colors to the reception to the weather itself.. everything was perfect and these photos capture that feeling. Amanda made me a snap! fan and I absolutely love how the photos turned out. Awesome job, ladies :)