Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Heidi and Otto

Yay! The wedding is only 5 weeks away! (Gulp. says heidi)
We met up yesterday at Belcourt Castle in Newport for a pre-wedding portrait session. They will be getting married there on March 29th, so it was nice to catch up and go over all of the details before the wedding. I'm really looking forward to shooting their wedding, it's going to be a beautiful evening and I'm sure the bride will be stunning! They are truly such a nice couple and it's fun to see people in love and excited for their wedding...

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  1. I get Google email alerts for the castle. I called yesterday for the owner, a friend, and was told she was busy with some wedding business. I guess this was it! :-)

    Did you manage to get more pictures of the castle? The couple does look very happy, congratulations to them. Also, the castle looks beautiful as always.