Thursday, January 3, 2008

Erin and Ian December 30, 2007

Photographed by: Mariah and Trish
There were so many fabulous touches and cool moments at Erin and Ian's wedding. I met the girls at the Hotel Viking for some getting ready photos- and Trish went on the trolley with the boys to the Black Pearl (a favorite summertime hangout). Summer it wasn't, but the weather was cooperating and we managed to eek out some photos outside in the last of the evening light- which is very blue, love it! Erin wore a gorgeous silvery ribbon around her waist with a beautiful antique brooch that her mother found on ebay and turned into a little belt. All of the bridesmaids had antique brooches on their bouquets to match. Erin also carried a silver horseshoe for good luck- it seems to aleady be working. Stoneblossom did the flowers- and they were gorgeous, Erin was thrilled with them. At the ceremony, everyone was given a candle, and at the end they were lit- which made for amazing photos, very festive. I thought the monogramed doors at Belle Mer were a really nice touch. Thank you to Ian and Erin for enduring the cold to get that outside photo of the bridge at night. We told you it would be worth it! Everyone danced like maniacs and snacked on mini grilled cheese and french fries until midnight- what a party!

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