Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jillian + Kevin at Rosecliff Mansion, Part One / Newport Wedding Photographer

Posted by Mariah:

Jillian and Kevin are from NYC, where Jillian works as a social worker in a school in the Bronx (I bet the kids love her!) and Kevin works in the mysterious world (to me anyway) of finance. They chose Newport though for their beautiful destination wedding and imagine my delight when I saw this amazing Jim Hjelm dress hanging in the window just waiting to be snapped!
I knew right away it was going to be a snap-tastic day and this dress was just the start.

So delicate and feminine, just like Jillian. I think it was absolutely the perfect gown for her.

My fantastic little second snapper Becca was on hand for some of these detail shots, including this one of the shoes.

Hello pretty sparkly ring...

...nice of you to invite your two friends...

I am insane for these bouquets. I am normally not drawn to the color purple, however these flowers knocked my socks off! Stoneblossom, thank you very much.

How handsome does Kevin look doing his man preparations?
Thank you to Becca for these handsome pix.

Nothing like a little love note to start out on the right foot.

Kevin is so cute- he doesn't even realize the vision he has in store for him!


Wait until he gets a look at this little beauty. I think tears are in order...

Yes, she's as sweet as she looks.

How convenient that the church planted purple hydrangeas.. thanks St. Mary's.

Jillian arriving at church and Kevin's mom and step-dad. (they approve!)

I love this photo. This isn't Jillian's look really... usually she is smiling. I just think it captures the nervousness of this moment right before you walk down the aisle.


Oh yeah, a hanky and everything! I knew it!!!

How's that for adoring faces?

Sealing the deal.

Pure happy.

Gown: Jim Hjelm
Venue: Rosecliff Mansion


  1. Wow! Those are fabulous photo's. Especially liked the one of Kevin with a kleenex.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE these pics!!! Can't wait to see all of them!!

  3. Awesome pics!!! Cant wait to order some of these!

  4. Love these! Can you let me know where she got her shoes!! They are my favorite ever! My email is!! Thanks!

  5. These photos are amazing. Great job capturing a truly beautiful day!