Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stella and Shane at Harkness Mansion in CT Part 2

Posted by Melissa: It's the continuing photo adventure at Stella and Shane's wedding!

Here is Stella touching up her lipstick upstairs waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Stella's maid of honor put her bouquet in this funny holder type thing in the bathroom. Little did she know that she was setting up a genius photo!!! Thank you for doing that!

When I proposed doing the photos before the ceremony Stella's one concern was that she would miss out on this shot. Not worry! At snap! we make all your wedding photo dreams come true!

Another angle...

The big moment! What a great "aisle" right?

Groomsmen all in a row

Exchanging vows

After the ceremony it was off to the beach for even more photos!

It's a little hike to the beach, but well worth it.

Shane picked Stella up so she didn't have to walk to far in her heels.

Isn't that beautiful?

What am I doing all curled up in a ball near a piece of drift wood?

This! Thanks for being there for me driftwood!

So nice!

I really can't get enough of this place.

Love the green! And what a great favor, a cool pint glass with Stella and Shane's wedding date on it!

Making their entrance as Mr and Mrs

First Dance

One of Stella's favorite parts of the wedding planning was taking dance lessons with Shane. They did the fox trot which is a great dance for photos!

Stella's maid of honor gave a touching speech. She talked about how Stella had a talent for yearbook inscriptions. She'd use colored pencils, puffy stickers. She also said that in one of her yearbooks Stella wrote that they were meant to be friends. Of course this made Stella cry (third time that day if you are counting)

How cute is she with her little red nose from all those happy tears? Are you getting the sense that these guys are just the two sweetest people ever? That's because they are.

Finally able to sit down and eat!

Cake! Stella surprised Shane with a groom's cake. It had the logo for the San Francisco Giants o it.

Time to DANCE!

"Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot..."

Last shot of the night!

Here's wishing you guys all the best! You deserve it! - love, Melissa

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